markis/ July 27, 2018/ Restaurants

Champaign IL is a growing college town. While Parkland College may not be a major university, and Champaign isn’t Chicago, the city is big and features plenty of things to do. There are also 260 restaurants there, and you might not have expected there to be quite that many choices. Get ready to discover more about the top places to eat in Champaign, Illinois.

Seven Saints is one of those places, and its location is 32 East Chester Street. Its waffle fries are one of the menu highlights, and the Chicago style dogs are also quite popular. Order up tuna melts, cheese curds, country fried chicken and more. People seem to like their soups, too. Reviews mention that the restaurant features a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

The Original Pancake House sounds like a fun place to eat in Champaign. It’s located at 1909 West Springfield Avenue, and the potato pancakes are one of the favorites. Apple pancakes and dutch baby pancakes are also mentioned in reviews. It’s important to mention that this is actually a chain restaurant with locations in other states and other cities in Illinois. However, it’s a great place to stop in for breakfast, and pancakes sound delicious.

Maize Mexican Grill is another popular and trendy restaurant in Champaign IL. Located at 60 East Green Street, Maize Mexican Grill is known for a unique menu item named zucchini blossoms. You can order up your favorite dishes there, and they also serve ribeyes, catfish and other items that make the menu diverse and rather eclectic. Reviews mention reasonable prices and authentic Mexican cuisine.

Big Grove Tavern is located at 1 East Main Street. This restaurant is known for its mushroom risotto, dumplings, burgers and more. Trout is also on the menu, and dessert is said to be something special. You can order up the vanilla ice cream by itself, which has sea salt and olive oil. That is rather unique, and then you can also have the ice cream served with chocolate bread pudding if you prefer.

Champaign IL has some really nice restaurants, don’t you think? That dessert mentioned at the last restaurant sounds so unique and like something I would just have to try. What about you? If you’re on vacation, you might as well eat whatever you want. These restaurants serve up some of the most delicious food that you can find in the city of Champaign, Illinois.